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Although relatively small, Island Murter boasts a rich variety of picturesque coves and beaches dotted along its coast. Island Murter may actually be considered as one long beach, which transforms as you circumnavigate the island from the peaceful, isolated, private, nudist beaches to the more lively, fun-filled beaches resonating to the frantic red-hot pace of summer. Whether you choose to unwind in the peaceful isolated bays or search for a party, one thing is for sure – you have chosen your place in the sun. Why not visit all the beaches, and then tell us which one was made for you?

SLANICA – is Murter’s main beach, situated on the south side of the island, where you can find the hotel Colentum. Slanica is one of the sandier and more beautiful beaches benefiting from numerous amenities and activities. The shallow waters make it perfect for children and non-swimmers, or indeed anyone who enjoys a selection of beach facilities.
Distance from Apartments Rona – 800 mtrs
Distance from Holiday hause Maja – 700 mtrs

PODVRŠKE – Sometimes it seems like the inhabitants of Murter are trying to hide this part of the island just for themselves. The white sand on this beach brings out the deep azure blue of the crystal-clear sea. As you relax on this beach and gaze out at the Kornati islands and the nearby Island Škojić (connected to the land by an embankment) you will slide into meditation, blissfully unaware of the world around you. The waters are shallow, suitable for small children and playing games. Discover Murter’s closely-guarded secret!
Distance from Apartments Rona – 1300 mtrs
Distance from Holiday hause Maja – 1200 mtrs

ČIGRAĐA – This bay is also situated on the south side of the island. When you reach the entrance of Murter, turn left. It is surrounded by pine trees and is the beach of choice for both tourists and locals alike. The central part of the beach is sandy with rocks on both sides. If you like solitude, go and find your own rocky hideout and watch the crowd from your vantage point. If you need to freshen-up, why not visit one of the restaurants and order drinks on the terrace beneath the shade of the pine trees?
Distance from Apartments Rona – 400 mtrs
Distance from Holiday hause Maja – 1200 mtrs

Plitka vala – Plitka vala, or “shallow waves”, is a bay where you can find a campsite with the same name. The main characteristic of this beach is shallow water (as its name suggests), which stretches out 30 meters from the shore. This makes the beach ideal for children and non-swimmers. The bay is situated in the Betina channel and can be reached via Betina or by turning right off the Tisno-Murter road.

Kosirina – When traveling by car along the Tisno-Murter road, as you round a bend you will behold a stunning view that may distract you from your driving! Be careful! Patiently continue and turn left after 100m! There you will find Kosirina bay. You will also discover a campsite there of the same name, as well as catering facilities. Camping is permitted along the length of the peninsula, which encloses a sandy cove. Here you will feel at one with nature.

Podjasenovac – is one of the many bays on the south side of Island Murter. The waters drop steeply from the shore to the seabed, which enhances the intimacy of this little bay. If you like to wake up early and go swimming, you may wish to find your own part of the pebble beach to leave your towel, and those that rise later on in the morning can claim their place on the rocks, which are equally appealing, and can perfectly accommodate sunbathing. A small campsite is situated on the hillside, with a bar that perfectly blends in with its environment.

Koromašna – to reach this bay you have to turn in towards the village Jezera, and then take your first right. A path leads you to a crossroads where you have to turn right again. You are almost there! Make yourself comfortable on the rocks and let the sun caress your skin, while the waves lap gently on the shore. Swim across the bay and explore! Reveal its secrets!

Sv. Nikola – to reach this bay you have to turn in towards the village Jezera, and then take your first right. A path leads you to a crossroads where this time you have to turn left. Soon you will see St. Nicolas bay. It was named after the medieval church that was built there. Sunbathe on the rocks, or dive to explore the deep sandy seabed.

Jazina – In Jazina bay you can find a campsite of the same name. You can reach it if you turn right while heading in the direction of Tisno and then follow the road, or by turning right before the bridge to Tisno. For swimmers there is ample parking for cars. The beach faces north with views of the Pirovac channel. The beach is sandy with warm shallow waters, perfect for children, non-swimmers and those who enjoy playing beach games. In the bay you can also find a shop and bar, for your comfort and convenience.

Iza Andrije – This beach was named after the church of St. Andrew, which is nearby. There is a path through the pine forest that you can use to reach this beach. It is especially suitable for guests who prefer to spend a whole day at the beach, basking in the shade of the trees which line the water’s edge.